O zi obisnuita

me: “good morning, welcome on board, Sir!”

P: “mornin’! How are you?”

me: “I am fine, thank you!”

P: “how do you know you’re fine?”

me: “well, I am not tired at all..”

P: “how come?”

me: (laughing) “I guess I just slept well and maybe too much, these days”

P is smiling

me: “and beside this, the spring is here, so I have all the reasons to be fine”

P: “not really, the winter is coming back soon…”

me: “I don’t think so, Sir”

P: “trust me, I saw it on the calendar, in about 7 months it will be here (and smiling)”

me: “Sir, I don’t now you and I don’t trust you on this”

P: “nice answer”

Deci, asa mi-am incept ziua la munca azi, primul “buna ziua” cu un pasager si am avut parte de o discutie amuzanta, in ton cu primavara aceasta!

Sa aveti o primavara frumoasa, fiecare dupa cum si-o doreste!



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