Best feelings in the whole world

  • sleeping in late
  • having no homework
  • being liked/loved back
  • hugs that last more than a minute
  • first swim of the summer
  • a smile from that special someone
  • laughing till your stomach hurts
  • getting unexpected gifts
  • not remembering when you last cried
  • when he text you first
  • looking at pictures from when you were little
  • living up to someone’s expectations
  • when he tells you he never wants to loose you
  • knowing you are loved
  • being called beautiful
  • finding those pants that fit perfectly
  • finally eating the food you were craving for
  • waking up and realizing you have hours to sleep
  • making a stranger smile
  • when little kids draw you pictures
  • making new friends
  • when someone tells you smell good
  • winning an argument
  • proving a smart person wrong
  • listening to your favorite song
  • watching a good movie
  • receiving hand written letters
  • falling asleep to the rain
  • smiling
  • getting a friendship bracelet
  • PACKING for a vacation
  • realizing it’s friday
  • finding the right size of the shoes you dream about
  • cooking and cooking really good
  • flying
  • visiting new places around the world
  • taking that perfect picture in the perfect light
  • drinking champagne
  • riding a horse in perfect harmony
  • waking up next to him
  • having a romantic dinner on the beach
  • driving fast
  • having the perfect sun tanning over the summer
  • receiving flowers
  • relaxing Sunday afternoons with family and friends
  • finding a lost friend
  • having good news
  • taking a shower after a long day at work
  • not doing a thing in a whole day, just relaxing
  • reading a book
  • having a good glass of wine while watching the sunset
  • kissing the one you love

2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. andreea06
    Sep 21, 2011 @ 18:44:01

    Ce sentimente frumoase ai insiruit aici. Lucrurile mici, toata multitudinea aceasta de sentimente sunt cele pe care ar trebui sa le apreciem…pentru ca ele ne fac zilele cu adevarat frumoase si ne aduc bucurie. Pupicei.


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